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Iron flame gold vinyl decal for book covers (book NOT included)

Iron flame gold vinyl decal for book covers (book NOT included)

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Gold reflective vinyl decal inspired by Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros


Please note this listing is for the vinyl decal ONLY - no book will be included


We have designed this gold vinyl decal for decorating your plain hardcover book and turning it into a beautiful foiled cover.


However this decal is suitable for any decorative purpose. Simply follow the instructions to transfer it to your chosen surface!


Width - 15cm


The decal transfer is the correct size for the UK Hardcover edition, however please check the book dimensions first if you intend to use this on a different edition.


Application instructions:


1. Make sure your surface is smooth, clean, dry and free of any dirt or dust.

2. Put the vinyl face down (so the design is facing away from you) and rub the backing paper with a credit card.

3. Slowly peel the paper away from the vinyl and transfer sheet, being careful to push any vinyl back down that lifts with the backing paper instead of sticking to the transfer sheet. If you need to, repeat step (2) to re-adhere any lifting vinyl to the sticky transfer sheet.

4. Apply the vinyl & sticky transfer sheet to your surface, and smooth down again with your credit card.

5. Once you're sure all of the vinyl is stuck to your surface, slowly peel away the transfer tape, again being careful of any vinyl that lifts away. If any of the vinyl lifts, simply place the transfer back down onto your surface and repeat step (4). 

***Please note that this is a permanent Vinyl product. It is not intended to be removed. Once you have placed the decal, please do not attempt to reposition it as this may cause damage or tearing to the surface. ***

We have a full video tutorial showing the application steps on our tiktok here.

For any questions - please pop us a message and we'd be happy to help!


posted in a hard back mailer to protect the item. 

Please allow up to 7 days processing time. 


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