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Fairytales and fantasy soy wax melt

Fairytales and fantasy soy wax melt

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Fairytales and fantasy soy wax melt

Hand poured wild fig and cassis scented soy clamshell wax melt.

2.5 oz

6 cubes

How to use:

Break out your cubes from the clamshell and pop it onto your wax warmer.

Each clamshell contains 6 cubes. We recommend one cube for a subtle scent or two cubes for larger rooms or to get stronger scent.

Wax melt safety:

-Do not consume
- Use only in warmers approved for wax melts, read and follow all instructions of warmer before use
- Do not leave melter unattended
- Keep out of reach of children & pets
- Do not add water or other liquids to the melter
- Use only in well-ventilated areas away from flammable materials


Each set of melts comes individually packed in a fully recyclable plastic clamshell, complete with CLP information. For full safety data sheets, please contact me directly.

The decorative label is designed and printed by me on recyclable paper.

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