Breaking out of a reading slump

Breaking out of a reading slump

Let’s talk reading slumps. As an avid reader is there anything more annoying, than when you just don't feel like reading, or can't get into any new books? It’s happened to me more times than I can count!

I’m currently in a 3-week slump and can’t find any motivation to get through a new book, so I’ve collected some tips that I’m hoping will help us overcome our reading slumps and rediscover our love for reading:


1. Read something short.

Previously, when I’ve been in a slump, I’ve broken out by picking up a shorter book (ideally 250 pages or less). This seems much less daunting than longer books. I tend to choose a cute romance e-book, something short and sweet, which won’t seem overwhelming.


2. Revisit old favourites

Another technique I’ve used is rereading an old favourite. Revisiting characters you know, and love can remind you of the magic of reading and reignite your passion.


3. Delete your “goals”.

For me, things like weekly/monthly TBR lists, reading goals, or setting a target number of reading hours takes ALL the fun out of reading. For other people, this might work (and if it does – that’s great!) but to me it makes reading feel like a chore. Try clearing those targets from your mind and pick up a book with the sole intention of enjoyment!


4.  Explore new genres:

I am a fantasy romance girlie through and through, and I rarely read other genres. So, it makes sense that I might just need a change of genre. I do have a couple of thrillers, romances, and dark romances on my TBR – so I will give one of those a shot and see if it breaks the slump.


5. Revamp your bookshelves:

Take a moment to reorganize your TBR cart or your entire collection. Sometimes, browsing through your titles and setting them in order can spark new interest in a book.


6. Switch formats:

If you're having trouble focusing, try audiobooks during chores or a physical book for some uninterrupted, relaxing reading time. I have actually tried all 3 formats during this slump and didn’t find it made much difference – but maybe it will help you!


7. Set the mood:

OK this is one I could absolutely see working for me. I do love making reading into a whole event, so I’m going to create a cozy reading environment with candles, a hot drink, and a comfy blanket. Other options are a lovely hot bubble bath with a face mask and a glass of wine, or maybe a picnic in the park with some iced coffee and snacks. Set the vibe, get some snaps for your bookstagram, and hopefully immerse yourself in your next read!


8. Trust your favourite authors:

Explore other works by authors you love. You might find hidden gems waiting to captivate you. I tend to go on a bit of a binge once I find an author I like, but I’m sure there are some still waiting for me on my TBR!


9. Ask a friend for their recommendation:

Their enthusiasm for their favourite book might spark your interest more than just reading a blurb or picking out something from your list.


10. Give yourself grace:

Be patient and kind with yourself. Taking a break is okay, and books will be waiting for you when you're ready to dive back into reading.


With these strategies hopefully we can break out of our reading slumps. Happy reading!

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